Our Experience

Chanda St. Peters is a certified pet trainer with over 10 years of professional experience in pet training, and more than 15 years of study in the area. With a huge amount of experienced attained from volunteering and working with rescue shelters, working at zoos, a personal pet sitting business, and professional pet training work, Chanda knows everything related to pet training and rehabilitation. It is Chanda’s goal to form a great and happy relationship between pets and their owners. She strives to build relationships that last for many a year afterwards.

With a huge amount of time spent in the industry, Chanda is acquainted with numerous other individuals who happen to be professionals with the same set of beliefs. Together, they strive to make pets and their owners happier. In our opinion, all pets are trainable, and all owners can be trained to train pets as well. Our services are available on all weekdays from 10 AM to 6 PM, and on Saturday we serve pet owners on an appointment only basis. It is our belief that regular interaction with pets is the key to success in training them. Moreover, after hour appointments are also available, as we strive to keep both the pets and their owner content, especially with each other.

With a sense of responsibility and adoration for all the pets we service, we aim to make our customers happy. We realize that our customer’s satisfaction is not simply reliant on how much time we spend with the animals. It is the change in their pets that leads to our customers’ satisfaction. Knowing this we give it our all in order to properly train pets, and deal with any tasks we have been hired for. We do everything we can, not just because we want to keep our customers satisfied, but because we love animals just as much as all pet owners do.

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E-Mail:  info@downdogpt.com